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Want Alan & Ryan To Setup FIVE Top-Converting Funnels & Bypass All The Guesswork - 100% DONE FOR YOU?
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You Are Moments Away From Being ONE ‘Affiliate Clone’ Away To Having ANYTHING You Ever Wanted..

(Think about this for a moment… We’ve had a huge variety of clients use these exact tools with the same training to create “life changing” results…)

What Do YOU Want To Achieve?

  • Make enough money to fire your spouses boss? (Staying home with family)
  • Create a side hustle to help take the load off on monthly bills?
  • Buy your dream home and or dream car?
  • Give away money to charities / non profits?
  • Help family and friends / building college funds / retirement accounts?

The truth is.. EVERYONE’S Motives Are Different...
But, the BIG secret is to dig deep, figure out “what” it is you’re after, and advise a plan to ACHIEVE what we know is possible!

For us.. it’s simple.. We just build lists of people in different niches, then, find resources and products they’re wanting, and lastly, profit in serving the people buying the products and services they’re after! (Below is an example to what we mean.)

Here's The Process

So - to be blunt. As of right now…

You have the AFC 2.0 Product.. which is everything you need - from A to Z - to gather leads, and make money.

Literally, the ONLY thing we can do more for you (now) - is push the buttons and DO Everything FOR YOU!

Basically.. no matter how hard you try - you can’t screw this up ;)

Our team is on stand by right now to set up your accounts, link your opt-in pages, making sure everything is functioning and working properly to get results and COLLECT CASH..

So, What We’re Going To Do..

  • Login to your accounts to gather APIs and any other data needed to integrate into AFC 2.0 software app
  • ​Connect your autoresponder of choice to your AFC account via api (you NEVER have to touch anything techy)
  • ​Hand pick our 5 highest converting clones
  • ​Integrate your autoresponder into these top 5 clones
  • ​Enable lead backup protocol
  • Integrate your personal affiliate links into each of the 5 clones
  • ​Setup an email followup sequence for you in your autoresponder to 3X your traffic power
  • ​Send you an email confirmation with campaign launch details, links to specific traffic sources to use for these specific campaigns

Don’t Mess This Up! 

(You Can’t)

Don’t allow the “Technology black cloud” keep you from achieving your goals - Use Our Team Now!

The (even better) news is.. we're giving  you a 75% LAUNCH ONLY DISCOUNT..

You see, In order to work with our team, it is $1,997 (at our starting rates.)

While In These Hard Times… We know people are really struggling… So, we want to HELP as many people see results with this as humanly possible.

To GIVEBACK and Help the people who are really in need, we are offering this at the lowest rates we have ever offered (75% off normal rates)

*Warning - this will be on a First come first serve basis.. As our team works very fast.. But, since we aren’t outsourcing this set up to just anyone - we ARE limited to how many people we can service at first.. The sooner you “get in” -> the sooner we can guarantee a timely turn around time on getting this set up for you as soon as possible.*

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