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  •  What Is This Training?
  •   We’re Glad You Asked!

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Before you leave - thinking we’re crazy - giving you a cryptic message to buy a “renaissance festival” ticket or bring you to a mid-evil times event..

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If you don’t know by now.. the “secret sauce” to creating massive results is having the RIGHT traffic sources to populate your Affiliate Funnel Clones campaigns…

…To call a spade a spade.. The REASON WHY Alan and I haven’t done any new launches since rolling out AFC is because we’ve been so busy (with our clients) creating results with our “Mail Boss Methods”

(Right now) You’re Already Getting Two (of our many) Mail King case studies (“4 emails” and “2 pages.”) you are in for a real treat :D

As the old saying goes… “People Lie - Numbers Don’t!”

The ONE THING We Always Go Back To.. Is. The. NUMBERS!

After reaching Hundreds of millions of people, selling Hundreds of thousands of Products, IMPACTING THOUSANDS of lives.. 

We (finally) cracked the code - to figuring out How To EASILY Fill Your Pipeline With the RIGHT people! 

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Now, Before We get things twisted, and Come off as one of those gimmicky, “click this magic button - and you’ll become a gazillionaire overnight” deal..

Let us Set The Record STRAIGHT!!

Each and EVERY Person Worked With Us (and our team) to Set Up Their AFC Campaigns… 

Each and EVERY one of these people Worked Directly With Us, On Launching Our “Mail Boss” Campaigns… 

.. and Each and EVERY One Of these people followed precise directions to implementing the EXACT STEPS to achieve the RESULTS we know possible.

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  • Walk you through each step of the setup process in getting your first Affiliate Funnel Clone LIVE ($5,000 Value)
  • Give you our HOTTEST clone, HOTTEST offer, and HOTTEST traffic source for that specific offer ($2,000 Value)
  • Teach you how to create & deploy your first FaceBook ads to send traffic to your clones ($10,000 Value)
  • ​Teach you how to create & deploy your first Bing ads to send traffic to your clones (Value $10,000)
  • BONUS Session:​ Teach you how to create & deploy your first YouTube ads to send traffic to your clones ($10,000 Value)


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  • ​Access to our Traffic Accelerator group to look over the should and watch Alan & Ryan launch campaigns LIVE (you chance to witness/get a piece of the action)
  • Additional "hand holding" to make sure you understand and implement things properly from the gate
  • After Hours Traffic Session - the special case study that pulled a 400%+ ROAS (return on ad spend)
  • ​Hot Seat Feature - ask us ANYTHING - this is a fun way to taps into our 2 brains that have collectively done over $20M in sales online
  • ​First mover advantage to work  with us one on one - have an idea or product you want to partner on with Ryan & Alan? Here's your chance to pitch them you idea!

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