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Now I’ve created a TON of funnels for my students over the past, but to be honest, the software I’m about to share with you simply smashes ANYTHING else I’ve ever created!

And that’s why I’ve saved the best for last..

By now you know the power of affiliate funnels.. and that’s why you’ve chosen to take action to clone the exact same ones that I personally use for MASSIVE profits..

But I have a 
confession to make..
I created all of these clones from a custom software that I paid my team of coders to build out for me, because I wanted the ability to create ready-made affiliate funnels on the fly for my personal use..

Other funnel builders are very expensive, and also confusing to use for these basic affiliate funnels..
They also charge you based on the number of pages you create, in addition to how many funnels you create.. And the list of charges goes on...

Plus - Not to mention, there are too many options that create confusion for it’s users, therefore leading to failed funnels that don’t convert..
At the end of the day, the users get nothing but confusion and a high monthly bill to keep their failed funnels active..

This is when I identified a MASSIVE problem with most funnel builder softwares.. (WHY We Take Pride On NOT Being Like “Those Companies!”)

From an affiliate’s standpoint, they’re way too expensive and confusing for what actually NEED them for!

I personally wanted a much simpler funnel builder that had a high converting template in place, where all I needed to do was choose an image, insert some text, change some colors, and deploy for profit..

So I went to my team of developers and designed an entirely new software from the ground up..

Drum Roll Please… (sorry about the dramatic staging, but it’s that COOL!! ;-)

At the beginning it was just for my personal use, but you’ll be excited to hear that I’m releasing my personal software to you today, and I’m calling it Affiliate Funnel Studio!

Now instead of boring you with all the techy stuff, let me just login to Affiliate Funnel Studio and show you how YOU too can build unlimited income streams on the fly, all in under 2 minutes!

Simply Choose a Discounted Plan Below that Suits YOUR Budget:
Join the Monthly Plan at MASSIVE Discount!
Join the Yearly Plan to SAVE the MOST!
Simple, yet powerful right?
That was my goal, and it’s paid off BIG for me!
Now I’ve spent about a YEAR developing this software, and I’m 
releasing it to general the public for $197 a month..
But before I do that, I want to make sure people other than myself can use this quickly and easily to create unlimited income streams of their own..
So I’m letting 100 beta testers get in on the early action to create an unlimited amount of these little affiliate funnel income streams..

Because with Affiliate Funnel Clones, the profits could be endless for you!

Just imagine building ONE income stream per day..

Now, I KNOW This Isn’t For Everyone.. Quite Honestly, it’s ONLY for the “cream of the crop” who want to REALLY take this serious…

So, to be frank.. If that’s not you. That’s O.K. and you can “crush it” - starting NOW by accessing your AFC account..

But, if your REALLY Wanting To Make BANK… Then you’ll want to listen up...

When you break down the numbers.. Even if each income stream generated made just 1 sale per day for $20, that’s $600 per month from a funnel that took you a minute or two to create!
Join the Monthly Plan at MASSIVE Discount!
Join the Yearly Plan to SAVE the MOST!
If you committed to doing this every day for a month, you could have 30 funnels each making you $20 per day, which comes out to $600 per day, or $18,000 per month!

If you could build out just 1 income stream per day in 60 seconds or less, and have $18,000 a month affiliate commissions rolling in, would you do it?
Of course you would.. 
And again, you’ll be able build each income stream in just 60 seconds or less..
And you can build an UNLIMITED amount of these affiliate funnels, with no worries about if you’ve reached your “maximum allowed funnels”


I personally cover the hosting costs for you, so forget about the monthly charges for a domain and hosting..

It’s all covered with Affiliate Funnel Studio!

And for the first 100 BETA TESTERS  who take massive action today, I’m going to give you 2 options to make SURE that you are on a plan that fits your budget..
The price to become an Affiliate Funnel Studio will be around $197 per month when released to the general public, but right now we’re offering a monthly plan for those on a tight budget and an annual plan at deep discount for those looking to save big!
NOTE: This is ONLY For Our “Beta Testers” - The Price Will Increase!
So before it’s to late, pick an option below that suits you, gain instant access to Affiliate Funnel Studio for a fraction of the retail cost, and start building unlimited Income streams on the fly in just 60 seconds or less so you can enjoy the lifestyle of freedom that my students and I enjoy!
Join the Monthly Plan at MASSIVE Discount!
Join the Yearly Plan to SAVE the MOST!
I also want to be very clear that if you lock in your spot today, the price will NEVER increase for you.. [If your SERIOUS On Growing Your Business, This Is A No-Brainer!]

No Contracts With Our “No Hassle Cancellation Policy” 
So, if for some insane reason Affiliate Funnel Clones isn’t a good fit for you, you can quickly and easily cancel your membership at any time, for any reason!

But I must warn you, when the 100 beta tester spots are gone, they’re gone for good..

If the button below says $197 per month, it means you missed out on our launch entry price…

So hurry in now and start using Affiliate Funnel Studio.. I just know you’ll love it like me and my students love it.. And the “Success Finish Line” awaits you..

I’ll see you in the members area and look forward to YOUR Success,

 - Alan & Ryan

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